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Site Search Engine

  Multiple websites and subdomains support
Advanced reports, traffic trends, top URLs and more
PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, Flash files support
Multi-language support
...and many other great features

Email Marketing Software

  Everything you need to run your email marketing campaign: mailing list builder, subscription forms, autoresponders, newsletter editor, tracking, reports and more!
Creative web design and development, software and multimedia applicationsCreative web design and development, software and multimedia applications
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Our Mission Is Your Success   Web Design & Development
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Software Development
Multimedia Applications
Mailing List Manager Pro:

Mailing List Manager Pro 3.0 - mailing list software

Site Search Pro:

Site Search Pro 2.0 - site search engine for your website


What Our Clients Are Saying:

"It was a breeze working with Shedix. Every project was delivered on time, and the quality of the product was outstanding."

Rick Thomas, vice-director of information technology,
National IT Inc.

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